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PE/IX is a project of Church in Action devoted to women who are involved in the prostitution industry. We want to give the women working in prostitution a deep sense of love, self-esteem, and humanity that society often denies them. Additionally, we want to reveal the true background of prostitution and pornography to teenagers and youth so that they are sensitive to this topic early in life. We also sell fairly produced products (ex. t-shirts) on our website, that are partially sown by women who previously worked within the prostitution industry. In doing so, we are dedicated to sustainability, social justice, and environmentally-friendly production.

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The goal of our ministry is to take the women and their needs seriously and to connect them with a multi-professional support system (doctors, government offices, etc.) That is why we build bridges to the support system and guide the women through them.

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Each human life is unique and worthy of protection. With this foundation, we do not want to view the women as objects or as objects available for purchase. In our perspective, love is not a good available for purchase, rather it is a gift given by consent.

Furthermore, it is our conviction that each person has the right to live their life according to their own beliefs, as long as the physical and psychological wellbeing of a third party is not endangered. The concept of forced prostitution or sexual slavery stands in extreme contrast to this conviction. We want to be aware that prostitution always results from “so having-become” or from a “made so by people” mentality. We see the system of prostitution misogynistic, sexist, exploitative, and as an elementary violation of intrinsic human worth. We are aware that prostitution is often bound with emergency, abuse, violence and deep suffering. For this reason, we support the women working within prostitution but not the system of prostitution itself. 

However, we do not want to reduce the customers, pimps, and lover-boys down to stereotypes. Instead, we want to appreciate them as individual people.

Beyond that, we want to stand alongside teenagers and young adults on the journey and in their understanding of sexuality as we provide new perspectives that are often left out by the larger society as a whole.

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Kirche in Aktion e.V (English: Church in Action) is a registered nonprofit organization active in the Rhein Main region. Operating under the motto, “a piece of heaven on Earth”, the mission of the organization is to co-create as well as to concretely encounter the spiritual and physical needs of the people on the ground. The goal goes beyond generational or social boundaries to provide help and a deeper understanding of self-esteem in retirement homes, hospitals, refugee accommodations, or through the work with lower-income youth. 

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Germany is the brothel of Europe.

You can help us change that. With your help we can bring light and freedom to girls enslaved in prostitution. We appreciate your prayer for our team members, outreaches and the situation in Germany in general. 

You can donate via check or transfer via bill pay: 

Recipient: Church in Action Germany, Account Number: 19811, 6115 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID 83709, Memo: Donation pe-ix
Should an ABA number be needed: 324173448.

We are a 501c3 registered in the USA.